Also endorsed by Texas State Representatives:

Senate District 8 has been my heart and home for more than 20 years, so I’m looking forward to working with YOU to protect the Constitution and represent the conservative values of the people of the community we all know and love so well.  After much prayer I’m excited to step forward with overwhelming support and encouragement from my family, long-time friends, district, regional and statewide conservative leaders, elected officials, precinct chairs and citizens from all across Senate District 8.  I know the power of the grassroots, so as we begin this campaign, I hope you’ll get involved!

Angela Paxton and Sam Johnson

Honored by a Hero

“As a longtime and dedicated member of our community, Angela Paxton has never backed away from championing the conservative cause with grace and courage. A fierce and proven warrior for the values that we hold dear – faith, freedom, and family – I am honored to call Angela a true friend, a sister in Christ, and an asset to the community.”
-Congressman Sam Johnson


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