Sen. Paxton’s Legislative Update – 1/15/21

Sen. Paxton’s Legislative Update – 1/15/21


Welcome to the first edition of my newsletter for 2021! As we welcome a new year and the start of a new legislative session, I wanted to share some important updates and information on how we can stay connected.
Today Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick appointed me to serve on the following committees for the 87th Legislative Session and interim:

I am committed to “Listen, Learn, and Lead” as your state senator, and the goal of this newsletter is to keep you informed while also providing an opportunity for you to share your thoughts with me. I hope this helps you learn more about what to expect this legislative session and as always, contact me if I can assist you in any way.

January 12 marked the opening day of the 87th Legislative Session and our team hit the ground running!


One of the primary roles of the Legislature is to set the State’s budget for the next biennium, and in Texas the legislature has constitutionally bound itself to only spend within our means. Additionally, this session the legislature will focus on redistricting and I am proud to serve on the Redistricting Committee to ensure that our districts are re-drawn legally, fairly, and transparently. Finally, this session will certainly be dominated by issues relating to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, including: vaccine distribution, updating state infrastructure to better navigate emergencies, and putting necessary measures into place to ensure that Texans’ liberties are never infringed upon by government overreach.

In addition to these big picture items, I will continue to focus on my priorities: ensuring every single Texas student has access to an excellent education, protecting human dignity, and advocating for issues unique to the people of Senate District 8.

Finally, I have already filed several bills and wanted to highlight three of them for you below. I look forward to your feedback on this proposed legislation.

I filed Senate Bill 251 to protect our freedom of assembly and religious activity by preventing the future closure of places of worship through the use of emergency powers. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in action by the executive branch at the local, state, and federal levels to protect public health. However, one area of high concern in this process involves the Executive Orders that limit religious assemblies and activities, and whether these actions are consistent with individual rights. The executive decisions made during this time and the judicial decisions related to the interpretation of these emergency actions led to concerns about protecting the rights and freedoms of religion and freedom of assembly from future executive orders.
I filed Senate Bill 329 to provide property tax relief in the form of a tax credit to small business owners who have been forced to shut down in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This tax credit is based on the business property they have been prevented from using during the government ordered lock down. This has also been introduced as SJR 23, a constitutional amendment that would enable this legislation.
I filed Senate Bill 225, “Ellie’s Law,” to protect Texas children by requiring that violations and deficiencies of childcare providers remain associated with individual caregivers’ names so that parents have appropriate information when deciding on their child’s caregiver and childcare facility. Parents need this critical information when they research childcare options to ensure the safety and well-being of their children. It is the duty of the state to promote transparency so that parents can make informed decisions about their child’s care.
Angela Paxton represents Senate District 8, which includes Collin and Dallas Counties.  A secondary math teacher and school counselor for more than twenty years, she is the first educator elected to the Texas Senate in more than two decades.  She describes her job in three words:  Listen, Learn, Lead.
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