Campaign Announcement

Campaign Announcement

I’m running for the Texas Senate and I am asking for your support. I don’t make this decision lightly. I believe with all my heart this district needs a committed conservative voice informed by local experience, deep community roots and a strong record of dedicated service. We need a leader who will continue our community’s exceptional history of effective representation.

After much prayer, I’m excited to step forward with overwhelming support and encouragement from my family, long-time friends, district, regional and statewide conservative leaders, elected officials, precinct chairs and citizens from across Senate District 8.

As of today, I’m proud to announce that over 1,000 individuals have publicly endorsed my campaign and pledged their support. An overwhelming majority of these individuals are residents of Senate District 8. All this grassroots support in less than two weeks’ time … and we’re just getting started! 

Last week, I stepped away from my career as a professional educator to commit my full-time attention and focus to this campaign. I’m committed to a campaign based on issues, experience and qualifications to represent our conservative values in the Texas Legislature.

Senate District 8 is my home and has been for over 20 years. Together with my husband, we’ve raised 4 incredible children in McKinney. I’ve spent countless hours at soccer games and volunteered my time, talent and energy for local causes near and dear to my heart.

I’ve watched our area of Texas transform from a quiet rural community into an economic powerhouse that is one of the fastest growing regions in the United States. That’s why I think it’s vitally important that Senate District 8 be represented by a local voice that understands the unique opportunities and challenges confronting our community like property tax relief, transportation and water.

As a professional educator with experience in public, private and home schooling, I bring an informed perspective to the education issue that singularly utilizes 52% of our state’s budget. I have a common-sense fiscal approach ingrained in me through a modest financial upbringing, coupled with my experience as a working mother that has always been defined by stewardship. I’m going to put this background to work for you in the Texas Senate.

I’m an adopted child myself, raised by two incredible loving parents. I believe at my core that the right to life is an unalienable right granted to each human being by our Creator. I believe that in society as in families, personal responsibility is central to promoting human dignity.

I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of support I’ve received from the four corners of Senate District 8 and across Texas. I’m asking for your support and prayers for this conservative movement that embodies a true grassroots political effort.

Please join our campaign today by adding your name to the growing list of supporters here HERE. You can also follow our campaign via Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you and may God Bless the Great State of Texas!

With grateful appreciation,

Angela Paxton



Attorney General Ken Paxton
State Senator Donna Campbell
State Representative Jodie Laubenberg & Bob Laubenberg
State Representative Jeff Leach & Becky Leach
State Representative Scott Sanford & Shelly Sanford
State Representative Matt Shaheen & Robyn Shaheen
Former State Representative Scott Turner & Robin Turner
State Representative James Frank
State Representative Craig Goldman
State Representative Phil King & Terry King
State Representative Stephanie Klick
State Representative Matt Krause & Jennie Krause
State Representative Tan Parker
State Representative Ron Simmons & Lisa Simmons
Garland City Councilmember Robert John Smith
Former State Representative Steve Toth
State Representative Bill Zedler
Collin County Commissioner Susan Fletcher & GOP Pct. Chair Brian Fletcher
Collin County Commissioner Chris Hill & Laura Hill
Collin County Commissioner Cheryl Williams & Don Williams
Collin County Commissioner Duncan Webb
Collin County Constable Gary Edwards & Sharen Edwards
Collin County Constable Sammy Knapp & Cathy Knapp
Collin County Constable Shane Williams & Dawn Williams
Collin County Constable Joe Wright
Wylie Mayor Eric Hogue & Tammie Hogue
Celina Mayor Sean Terry
McKinney City Councilmember Chuck Branch & Mendi Branch
Frisco City Councilmember John Keating & Leslie Keating
Plano Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Ron Kelley
McKinney City Councilmember Tracy Rath
Celina City Councilmember Carmen Roberts
Murphy City Councilmember Betty Spraggins
Former Plano Mayor Jack Harvard & Nancy Harvard
Former Celina Mayor Corbett Howard & Sue Howard
Former McKinney City Councilmember Steve Bell & Sandra Bell
Former Frisco City Councilmember Scott Johnson & Julia JohnsonSTATEWIDE, REGIONAL & DISTRICT CONSERVATIVE LEADERS*
*where listed, organization listed for identification purposes only
Kelly Shackelford, Esq., President and CEO, First Liberty Institute*
Jonathan Saenz, President, Texas Values*
Trayce Bradford, President, Texas Eagle Forum*
Dana Hodges, State Director, Concerned Women of America for Texas*
Cindy Asmussen, SBCT TX Ethics & Religious Liberty Advisor*
Cathie Adams, Past President, Texas Eagle Forum*; Former Chairman, RPT
Kerby Anderson, Host of Point of View National Radio Talk Show*, & Pct. Chair
Derek Baker, Past President, Collin County Conservative Republicans
Candy Noble, SREC Senate District 8 & Past President, Golden Corridor RWC
Tom Fabry, Frisco, Chairman, Frisco Tea Party*
Toni Fabry, Frisco, Chairman, Frisco Tea Party*
Lorie Medina, Frisco, Founder, Frisco Tea Party*
Deon Starnes, SREC Committeewoman Senate District 30
Debbie Terry, SREC Senate District 12 & Past President, Golden Corridor RWC
Sharron Albertson, Past President, Golden Corridor Republican Women
Suzanne Blackstone, Past President, Golden Corridor Republican Women
Sharon Bradshaw, Past President, Golden Corridor Republican Women
Jennifer Edgeworth, Past President, Golden Corridor Republican Women
Tracy Hancock, Past President, Golden Corridor Republican Women
D’rinda Randall, Past President, Golden Corridor Republican Women
Annette Jones Smith, Past President, Golden Corridor Republican Women
Mike Openshaw, North Texas Tea Party*
Andrea Bouressa, Former General Counsel, Collin County GOP
Mary Carl Finkelstein, Past President, Golden Corridor Republican WomenREPUBLICAN PRECINCT CHAIRS
Howard Akin
Debbie Bonenberger
Ronald Boyd
Sharon Bradshaw
David Burson
Cindi Castilla
Evy Davis
Sue Denson
Mary Carl Finkelstein
Brian Fletcher
Pat Greer
Valerie Herrington
Dixie Jeffers
Diann Jones
Sebrena Kimberly
Kathy Morgan
Joanie Pikl
Joe Richardson
Kathi-Ann Rivard
Melissa Spence
Suzanne Veal
Cyndi Vela
Patricia Wysong

Matthew & Amber Abbink
Gail Abbott
Dick & Bonnie Abernathy
Myrna Acklin
Anita Adams
Carol Adams
Dr. Homer Adams
Dr. Mike & A’Lisa Adams
Sam Adams
Donna Akin
Howard Albertson
Rich Allen
Rick & Melanie Allen
Steve & Karen Allen
Jay & Jenny Allison
Carlos & Cindy Amaral
Heather Ancell
Anisa Anderson
Justin Anderson
Jonathan Angulo
Taylor Angulo
Ronnie & Jenny Aquino
Dr. David & Melinda Arai
Annette Ard
Darrell & Mary Sue Ard
Dr. Bryan Ardis
Jane Ardis
Rob Armstrong
Kristen Arrington
Larry & Renee Ashbrook
Fritz Asche
John & Sharon Auther
Pete & Lulu Avila
Lynn Baade
Edward & Shelley Bailey
Adrienne Baker
Melissa Baker
Jeff & Alison Balcombe
Eddy & Leslie Bales
Brian & Kelly Ballard
Hunter & Karah Ballew
Bourdon & Melanie Barfield
Brad Barnes
Doug & Traci Barnes
Laurie Barnes
Mike & Jennifer Barnes
Doug & Jodi Bartek
Lynn Bartell
Julie Battaglia
Julie Baublis
Richard Baxter
Ed Bayliss
Evan Beck
Larry & Sheryl Beck
Megan Beck
Jerry & Kristi Beers
Dan & Judy Bellue
Erin Bellue
Kim Benavides
Brian & Dee Dee Benjamin
Jamie Bicknell
Brenda Bingham
Paul & Karen Bixler
BJ & Cathy Bjorklund
Phil Blackstone
Hayden & Niki Blake
Chad & Lori Blanscet
Deb Blencowe
John Boaz
Tyler Bohannan
Blaise & Mari Bondi
Olena Bonner
Kristin Booth
Rick & Shirley Booze
Chris & Marliese Bordman
Nicole Bordman
Red & Shell Boswell
Bob & Erin Botsford
Christopher Bouressa
Scott & Stephanie Bowers
Suzanne Bowers
Barry Boyd
Darcy Boyd
Ruth Boyd
Shelley Boyette
Bob & Flora Brands
Paul & Ruby Brands
Kevin & Judy Brannon
Wayne & Janna Braudrick
Abbi Brenneman
Brad & LeAnne Brenneman
Dede Brewer
Dan Bridges
Jim Bright
David & Mendy Bristol
Stephanie Brittain
Lee & Sarah Brock
Andrea Brown
Kara Brown
Kurt & Jennifer Brown
Tim Brown
Forrest & Kay Lynn Brumbaugh
Lyol & Amy Brumby
Brodie & Teri Bruner
Brian & Marcy Bruner
Dana Bryan
Kelly Bryan
Weath & Della Bryant
Teryn Bryant
Worsham Bryant
Brad & Jennifer Buhl
John Burch
Dr. Jeff & Jana Burchard
Jim & EJ Burns
Ronald & Rochelle Burns
Lorraine Burson
Gene & Julie Burton
Jay & Carol Busby
Chris & Sharon Bush
Mike & Joanie Buster
Kim Butler
Austin & Christina Butts
Kevin & Deborah Callaghan
Scott & Shera Cameron
Robert Canright
Merrie Cardin
Joe & Connie Carpenter
Cory & Summer Carr
Richard & Pamela Carron
David Carter
Jeff Cassels
Donna Huaman Castillo
Josh & Valerie Chambers
Ada Chandler
Mel & Sylvia Chapman
Michele Chicoine
Kay Chitty
Susan Choate
David & Zodie Christakos
Charles & Cindy Christian
Bob Clark
Brad & Lisa Clark
Debby Clark
Matthew & Sofia Clarke
Shawn & Erin Clayton
Jenney Cline
Larry & Tracey Cline
Mark Cobb
Scot & Angela Cockroft
Patrick & Elizabeth Collins
Brandon & Robyn Colquitt
Clint Cook
Shirley Cook
Doug & Denise Cooke
Frank & Winnie Corbo
James & BJ Correu
Vickie Costa
Joe Cotton
Kelly Coughran
Ken & Suzanne Coughran
Chris & Sarah Cowman
Scott & Lori Cox
Tyler Cox
Chris & Lori Craft
Chad & Cheryl Crawford
Jaci Crawford
Rick Crawford
Dr. Josh Creel
Kristin Creel
Bill & Betty Crenshaw
Darlina Crowder
George & Angela Crumley
Chris & Shannon Culley
James & Carolee Cundiff
Tim & Rae Curren
Dr. Terren & Stacy Dames
Alison Darrell
Dave Davidson
Jamie Davidson
Russell & Stacy Davis
Don Day
Rudy & Dr. Carrie De Moor
Betty Dean
Dr. Brad & Shan Dean
Glenn & Mary Dean
Samuel Dearien
Jason & Melinda Denton
John & Lene Alley DeRudder
Dr. Scott & Jennifer Devillinuve
Glenn & Kittren Dibley
Robin Dillard
Karyn Dismore
Michael & Melissa Doddridge
Dustin & Leslie Donnely
Dr. William & Nancy Dorsey
Todd & Tina Dreger
Jason & Michelle Duke
Christa Dunlap
Jason & Brenda Dunn
Ronnie & Lori Dunn
Bill & Pam Dyer
Chris Edgeworth
Fred & Emily Edwards
Phil Eggars
Scott & Robin Eggleston
Dr. Dale R. & Patricia Ehmer
Gene & Tammie Eisenmann
Mark & Donna Eisenmann
Sandra Ervin
Robert & Betsy Everett
Tony & Connie Ewing
Trevor & Kristy Ewing
Bethany Farley
Jim Farley
Karen Farley
Samuel Fenceroy
Jeff Finkelstein
Larry & Kim Fizer
Malory Fleming
Ivan Flores
Michelle Flores
Hope Fobes
Brian & Robin Fogle
Todd & Tonya Folkerts
Becky Ford
Tim Ford
Russell Forman
Oldrich & Georgina Fousek
Chris France
Stacey France
Kevin & Marnie Freeman
Lisa Freeman
Todd & Kristin Frerichs
Caleb & Brook Fulks
Brendon & Amber Gaige
Liz Gaines
Nick & Shanna Ganter
Andy & Ana Garcia
Neda Garrett
Kevin & Kristie Gear
Kevin & DeDee Gebhardt
Robby & Jamie Genzel
Eric & Debbie Georgatos
Derrick & Christy Geter
Stacy Gibson
Aarron Gigley
Hannah Gigley
Keith & Brooke Gilliam
Edna Ginn
Maureen Godsey
Wesley Goenawain
Josh Goh
Fred & Kathy Gonzales
Judy Goodale
Doug & Melinda Goodrich
Brendon & Wannie Graft
Carroll & Percilla Grave
Mike & Midge Gray
Bryce & Pamela Greene
Darrell & Faith Grice
David & Judy Griffin
Brian & Leya Grubbs
Rick Guest
Bruce & Cheryl Guthmann
Landen Guthmann
Lane Guthmann
Matthew Guzak
Robert & Dawna Guzak
Darlene Hagen
Darryl & Stephanie Halbert
Marie Hale
Brad & Ericka Hamilton
Jeff & Jenny Hamlett
Holly Hammond
John Hancock
Walt Hannon
Rob & Pilar Hansen
Andy Hardin
Dorian & Tracey Harris
Charles & Deborah Hart
Peter Havel
David & Cynthia Heaton
Todd & Karen Heckman
Jackie Heide
Byron & Mari Henry
Bob & Janis Herbst
George & Molly Hicks
Mark & Tiffany Hill
Penny Hill
John & Tammy Hilyer
Nancy Hinckley
Stephen & Sherry Hines
Debbie Hodges
Charlie Hogge
Joan Hogge
Don Hooten
Gwen Hooten
Peter & Marla Horn
Adam & Amy Housley
Cecil & Jennifer Howard
Jan Gentry Howard
Dr. Mark Huffman
Meridith Huffman
Gary & Karen Hughes
Cdr. (Ret) Jeffery & Maryanne Hunt
Chuck & Lisa Hutchinson
Sharon Huxam
Chris & Susan Hykel
Randy & Lori Imel
Nancy Insko
Chad & Paula Irvine
Dick & Barbara Ivey
Anita Jackson
Jesse & Cindy Jacobi
Evan Janc
Steve & Beth Jarvie
Blake & Debi Jenkins
Richard & Elizabeth Jill Jernigan
Bill & Kim Johnson
Bob & Sheila Johnson
Brandon Johnson
Tammy Johnson
Amanda Jones
Buck & Nikki Jones
DJ Jones
Erin Jones
John Jones
Winston & Patti Jones
Rhonda Jones
Roy Jones
Dawid & Amanda Jordaan
Deverick Jordan
Sheffie & Shanna Kadane
Kevin & Kelly Kampe
Jamie & Shanna Keaveny
Chase Keeland
John & Colleen Keene
Dugan & Michelle Kelley
Francie Kelso
Shawn Kennington
Clyde & Susanne Kerley
John & Chris Keyes
Yoon & Kristin Kim
Corbin & Melissa Kimberling
Craig & Melissa Klopatek
Gail Kriske
Klaus & Julie Kuehn
Tonya La Barbera
Matt & Jana Lambro
Carrie Rose Lammers
David Lammers
Martha Lammers
Jena Lamse
Gabrielle Langille
Steve & Jill LaTorre
Liz Laubenberg
Ron Leach
JD & Kimberly Lee
Jason & Debra Lester
Guy & Brooke Levassar
Joshua & Jennifer Lewis
Rick & Stacy Lewis
James & Lisa Liberis
Jon & Gina Lineberger
Mitch & Kelly Little
Joe Littlejohn
Steve & Candi Loe
Carole Lomerson
Bob Long
Chip & Nicki Loper
Charles & Carol Loper
Antonio & Daisy Luevano
Diana Lund
Cheryl Luttrell
Terry Lynch
Jim & Julie Macmanus
Jay & Kim Madden
Carolyn Magee
Nina Majerus
Ryan & Kristen Martin
Sgt. Carl & Sgt. Michelle Martin
Shannon Martin
Paul & Margaret Mascorro
Bob Masengill
Jim & Kim Mask
Thomas Mask
Cassie Mason
Elliott Mason
Mike & Happy Mason
Rex Mason
James & Amy Mathews
Carroll Maxwell
Willem & Laura Mays
Matt McBrayer
Mike & Kelly McBrayer
George & Barbara McClure
John & Mary McClure
Scot & Tiffany McCollum
Morgan McComb
Cameron McCord
Chris & Christi McCraw
Mark McCraw
Walter & Kristi McElheney
Kirk & Nicole McGlasson
Mary McIntosh
Alicia McKee
JD & Jamie McRae
Jason & Sherie Mears
Russ Medina
Tommy & Stephanie Mello
Steve & Mylene Mercer
Darren & Maura Meyer
Erick & Leslie Mida
Dr. Matt & Sharon Miller
Terri Miller
Megs & Tori Miller
Kristie Mitchell
Todd Mitchell
Tom & Wendy Monte
Hugo & Michelle Montes
Jana Morgan
Ken & Gina Morrison
Kevin & Cheri Mosley
Jeff & Shawn Mullins
Ron & Cheryl Murff
Andy & Lindsay Murphy
Karen Murphy
Danny & Elizebeth Muzyka
Fred & Janis Nasseri
Haley Nelson
Anthony & Amy Nemeczky
Sgt. Major Jack & Mariah Nevils
Brian & Nicole Newman
Robert Noble
Nick & Malissa Nuspl
Pastor Jeff & Angela Nyberg, Ph.D.
Shelby Osborne
Bob & Margaret Pace
Vickie Palmer
Dan & Trish Panetti
Doug & Julie Parker
Patrick & Lina Parks
Tad & Tammie Parnell
Dr. Carey Patrick
Mark & Jena Patzkowski
Bob & Linda Paulk
Bobby & Megan Paulk
Katie Paxton
Mattie Paxton
Andy & Laura Pearson
Gary & Cynthia Peek
Micah & Rosemary Pelphrey
Ryan & Becky Penn
Bill Penz
Tom & Donna Peterson
Oleta Phillips
Kyle & Ami Pierson
Tammi Pintor
Steve & Belinda Pittard
Adam & Alina Plunk
Jake & Charlyn Plunk
Tom Plunckett
Bill & Holly Podkowa
Ben & Ashleigh Pogue
Brandon & Jen Pogue
Paul & Judy Pogue
Randy & Emily Pogue
Jim & Lynn Pokorny
Ruthie Poole
Darryl & Keena Pratt
Patrick & Meg Pulley
John & Rebecca Pulte
Brian & Melissa Purvis
Ron & Donna Pyle
Jeffrey & Shannon Quick
Ashlea Quinonez
Steve & Catherine Raffaele
Lauren Raffaele
Nicole Ramirez
Nic & Christie Ramos
Michael & Amy Raulston
Tom Ray
Doug & Marilil Reeves
Nick & Amy Repak
Ron & Kerri Rhodes
JR & Keresa Richardson
Ty Richardson
Mark & Lynda Richter
Rob & Karen Riding
Dustin & Elizabeth Rimes
Seth Ringley
Joey & Terri Roach
Douglas Roberts
Jillian Roberts
Jonathan & Veronica Roberts
Rick & Kevyn Robertson
Sean & Shalynn Robinson
Michelle Rodgers
April Rodriguez
Miguel & Nicole Rodriguez
John & Becky Rogers
Karin Rogers
Scott Rohrman
Jaime & Dana Ronderos
Dale Rose
Christian Royer
Daniel Rudd
Cris Rude
Mike & Lailani Rumfield
Lisa Luby & Jay Ryan
Diana Saiz
Adriana Salazar
Dr. Paul Salinas
Shawn & Alisha Sandifer
Elizabeth Sarey
Hiram Sasser
Nathan & Heather Sauce
Charles & Paula Schandelmeier
Steven & Jamie Schlegel
Thomas & Kay Schuelter
Mykle & Hope Scott
John & Kathy Scriven
Steven Scriven
Scott & Julie Seal
Gene & Kristy Sera
Will & Sam Sera
Stan & Carol Sewell
Karen Shackelford
Dianna Weaver Sharp
Craig & Melissa Shaver
John Scheef and Dr. Deborah Moon
Nathan & Patty Sheets
Trace & Jessica Sheridan
Frank & Suzette Shushok
Steve & Azi Sickman
Chad & Whitney Siddons
Daniel & Mimi Siminiuk
David & Kelly Simmonds
JB Skees
Jerry & Kim Slyman
Amanda Smith
Bill Smith
Dick Smith
Janet Smith
Jared & Jennifer Smith
Kristopher & Christine Smith
Mary Smith
Michelle Smith
Robert & Dorothy Smith
Scott & Chrissy Smith
Steve & Donna Smith
Bob & Anne Snelling
Pepper & Heather Snider
JoAnn Snodgrass
Amanda Solomon
Joe Sowell
Steve Spence
Carol Spencer
Debbie Spencer
Greg Spencer
John & Lisa Squiric
Nick & Elisabeth Srader
Laura Stebbins
Heather Stoner
Michael & Sophie Straight
Art & Belinda Stricklin
Robin Stricklin
Lindsey Stuart
Reggie & Carolyn Sullivan
Israel and Gloria Suster
Morgan Sutter
Greg & Laurie Sweet
Robin Tanguay
Rene Taylor
Dr. Robert & Kelly Taylor
Tyler Telford
Bruce & Catherine Thomas
Clay & Jennifer Thomas
Eric & Sue Thomas
Joe & LeAnn Thomason
Sam Thomason
Chris & Sheacy Thompson
Mark & Lynda Thompson
Betty Thornton
Scott & Dory Thornton
Clark Thurston
Diane Tingle
Mike & Julie Totora
Daniel & April Townsley
Jacque Trulock
Chris & Libba Tullos
Robert & Cynthia Turner
Brian & Risa Tyo
Jon & Yvonne Valasek
Lillian Vaughan
Roy Veal
David & Dana Vestal
Fred Villa
Amanda Villarosa
Paul & Charla Vinyard
Phillip & Brenna Vivier
Kent & Julia Voyles
Victoria Voyles
Janet Wainwright
Paige Walker
Seth & Lindsay Walker
Zach Walker
Tony Walsh
Shane Wapskineh
Kyle & Shelly Warren
Chris & Amy Warrington
Michael & Lori Washam
Brian & Kathy Watts
Jason & Andrea Webb
Jennifer Weinkam
Betty Westbrook
Randall & Rebecca Weyandt
Phil Wheat
Gayla Wheless
Mark Wheless
Karen White
Kay White
Taylor & Shannon White
David & Patti Whitehurst
Margaret Whitt
Stephen & Julie Whitten
Mark & Jennifer Wiggins
Jim & Suzanne Wiginton
Carol Williams
Marcus Williams
Cherilyn Wilson
Landon Wilson
Monty & Karen Wilson
Linda Woods
Vala Woods
Chuck & Michelle Wright
Michael Wyant
Mark Yablon
Ryan Yasilli
Blake & Marcy York
Dell & Crissy Young
Delmas & Patricia Young
Eric & Katina Zepp
Allie Zuniga